Clipping and Styling: to breed standard or owner requirements. Clipping does not necessarily mean short. There are a range of blade lengths and comb lengths that can be used to achieve the desired look.

Hand Stripping: specialist coat removal and coat renewal technique available for certain breeds, but more costly and time consuming.

Hand Scissoring: we apply a hand scissor finish to most of our grooms to enhance the detail of the finish or to leave the coat in a much longer style. Certain breeds can be completely hand scissored for the ultimate finish in order to emphasis shape, style and angulation of the breed.

Bath and Dry: suitable for short coated breeds or just to give your dog a clean fresh smell between grooms (applies to short coated breeds and coats in good condition only) all animal formulated shampoo and conditioners used are specially selected by us for their quality and results on specific coat types.

Brush Out: an in-between grooming service that helps manage the coat and distribute natural oils throughout the coat, reduce loose/dead hair and keep tangles and matting away. If you don’t have time to brush let us do it for you.

Deshedding: using the ultimate in grooming tools we can remove the undercoat and loose dead hair so you don’t have to keep removing it from your carpets and furniture.

In-between Mini Grooms: want to keep that “just groomed” look for just a little longer? Book in for a mini groom and we can wash, dry, tidy and trim sanitary areas – face, feet, ears and tail areas.

Ear Cleaning and Plucking* (*dependent on breed type): All dogs need their ears regularly cleaned and checked to remove any build-up of wax and debris and to ensure they are healthy. Some breeds also required hair to be removed from within the ear canal to allow the air to circulate ore freely and inhibit nasty ear infections.

Nail Care: many owners can be a little unsure about nail cutting and it is very important to maintain the nails at the correct length to maintain the correct structure of the foot bones and tendons and avoid sores. Dew claws also need regular checking as left to grow they can grow into the foot pad and can often get caught on bedding, sofa throws or while exercising and be ripped out or broken off causing immense pain and a lot of blood. During a groom your dogs nails will be checked but if you require your dogs nails trimmed at any time do let us know and we can do this as a separate service for you. If you ring us beforehand we can arrange a suitable time for you to call in and it can be done while you wait with no need to leave your dog with us.

Puppy Introductory Grooming: advice on how to teach your puppy to stand, and how to groom at home along with short wash and drying sessions to introduce your puppy to the grooming process once vaccinations are complete.

What’s Included

Our full groom includes consultation, basic groomer health check, bath using quality grooming shampoos tailored to your dogs specific coat type. Conditioners are used on specific coat types only or when needed. The coat is then carefully hand dried as this allows us to view every inch of your dogs skin (we do not use cabin dryers). After the coat is fully dry it is brushed out and clipped/scissor styled to either breed standard or customer requirements. Nails are cut and ears cleaned/plucked. With a final spray of finishing cologne your dog is ready for home.

An in-between groom includes a wash and dry, brush out, ears cleaned, nails cut, face, feet, ears and sanity area/tail trim.

Deshedding includes wash and dry, and removal of dead coat/undercoat restoring the luster and shine to the coat (especially darker coats). We will remove as much as possible in one go but do remember that central heating and hormones also affect how the coat is shed and even after removal a very small amount of hair can still be shed. This service when done correctly really does make a huge difference to the amount of hair you will have to clean up and of course it is much cooler for your dog during the warmer weather and allows the remaining guard coat to lie much loser to the body enhancing appearance. It also allows the air to circulate right down to the skin keeping it healthy and helps to avoid tangles and matting forming. Continued regular grooming helps keep shedding hair under control.

Grooming: Starting prices per breed are based on coats in good condition, with minor tangles that are easily removed and that are regularly groomed every 6 to 8 weeks or on a regular grooming schedule with us. Additional charges will apply for special treatments, if the dog requires some minor dematting, has not been in grooming for sometime and has excessive coat or complete removal of the entire coat is required. Please contact us for further information and to obtain an estimate prior to consultation.

Matted Coats Policy
Matted coats will be charged additional charges to cover use of additional products and grooming time. If your dogs coat is matted to the skin it may not be possible to humanely dematt the coat at all due to the pain stress and damage to the skin of your dog and we will recommend that the dogs coat be clipped down and allowed to grow in whilst being maintained on a regular grooming schedule to keep new tangles and mats from forming. Where a severely dematted coat must be removed you may required to sign a Consent and Disclaimer form as this form of grooming is quite extreme and much more difficult than a regular groom.

We can help you to manage your dogs coat by giving advice on brushing and explaining how best to manage your breeds specific coat type so don’t be afraid to ask if you are unsure or finding it difficult. We can recommend grooming schedules tailored to your dogs breed type, lifestyle, tolerance of grooming and your desired style. We also understand that some coats can be extremely difficult to manage, so please do not be embarrassed to bring your dog to us for a consultation if she/he does have some matting because that is the very first step in sorting the problem out and making your dog much more comfortable

How you can help keep your dogs coat in good condition between professional grooming appointments?

Brush regularly with a slicker brush to remove loose hair and separate the strands of hair.
Ensure you gently brush from the root of the hair to the tip and not just over the surface of the coat.
Use a metal comb and carefully run it through the hair from the skin to tip of the hair – it should glide through a healthy coat – this is the ultimate test!
Always brush out the coat after it has become wet and dried naturally to separate the strands of hair and avoid it clumping together.
Avoid washing your dog if he/she is matted and you are unable to properly groom out the coat as this will make the tangles much tighter and harder to remove during professional grooming.
Ensure all dead and lose undercoat is effectively removed as it is naturally shed.
Never use any other shampoo than one specifically formulated for use on a dogs coat.
Never cut off any matting close to the skin with scissors or tug and pull with a brush or comb as you could damage your dogs skin – if in doubt consult
your professional groomer for advice, we are always happy to help and advise.
Keep to a regular professional grooming schedule that allows you to effectively manage your dogs coat more easily.